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On Friday, February 20, 2015, Thijs Schreijer <> wrote:

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> Behalf Of Pierre Chapuis
> Sent: vrijdag 20 februari 2015 16:03
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> Subject: GitHub organization discussed at FOSDEM
> Hello list,
> at FOSDEM we discussed the possibility of creating a GitHub organization
> to maintain some Lua modules for which there should be several maintainers
> (for instance LuaSocket, and probably some libraries from the Kepler
> project).
> I wanted to float that idea here again, and maybe start moving on it.
> So I have a few questions:
> 1) How do you want to call this organization?
> 2) Who wants to be part of it?
> 3) Who wants to create it?
> --
> Pierre Chapuis

Can't the existing Kepler organization [1] be used? Wouldn't that be easiest? If one of the current owners [2] (Fabio, Andre or Hisham) could create a new team for LuaSocket and Diego would hand it over...

Now who should be on that team? Diego obviously, but probably also someone else... looking at the contributors [3] there are some Lua commoners there. What is mostly needed I think is someone that can intelligently discuss PR's and merge them. Let the community do the development, if nobody codes a fix for an issue, the need isn't big enough.



I can't help but think that you've simply stated the most important component of every open project. It is not to suggest that it is an obvious point. Just that if the discussion were to focus on that issue and on thinking about simple ways to maintain decorum and to manage disagreements with curiosity, etc., the technical problems will get solved, naturally. 

And so, I'm wondering about what it looks like to support people like that, especially in the role of observer/leader/brake pedal...

Probably too zen.... Carry on.... :)