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Roberto Ierusalimschy: sorry 4 the 4letter wordz, dont stop on them, ive never wanted to hurt anyone or rank ppl, i thought it seemz in the picture of the whole, i just love powerful wordz til they have an optimal place

Rob Kendrick: its not my language either, i have an own 1, and wid time im alwayz makin my slang looser so its a good time to start it instead of surprise u later wid it, there are ppl out there who understand everything 4 the first time no matter how i say it, but when i wrote this, i needed to write everything i just can, so its too complex to give an eazy well organized versoin from it, and i worked on it a lotsa hourz, even on correctin a lotsa unambiguous thingz, but stll anyone can ask any kinda questinz about anything, and i wud like right this action, im an opened book even if its not an eazy task to read it 4 the 1st time 4 no1 else... anyway its not an easy topic i just wanted to collect so many info together from much much more than this

Peter Hickman: szbnwer have nothing as a sense, just i wanted to register soo far back in time to a previous mail server, and every nick ive tried and sounded good enough 4 me, as its useable when i tell it to anyone, were already taken. so i hitted the keyboard and it gave me szbnwer and i kept this nick cuz its unique its better to write it down then an "okhay bro i gonna remember to it!" and i can use it everywhere i want (once i kudnt, cuz a friend uzed it, cuz he had no any own idea 4 a nick, as he said when i asked it...)