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On 2014-12-08 10:41 AM, "Hisham" <> wrote:
> On 8 December 2014 at 13:10, Tuom Larsen <> wrote:
> > Dear Lua developers!
> >
> > I have to immediately apologize for bringing up this topic again.
> > However, the introduction of integer type made me curious whether
> > there was any change in your stance on other features as well. After
> > all, I can imagine if someone proposed integers few years ago it would
> > be rejected in the name of simplicity [1].
> [...]
> > [1] "Lua has no integer type, as it does not need it."
> >
> It wasn't that much that their stance has changed; the world has
> changed instead since PiL 1st edition with regard to integers. Lua
> 5.0, back in 2003 in a world ruled by 32-bit machines, did not need a
> separate integer type. Lua 5.3 in this 64-bit world of 2014, does.
> -- Hisham

Bit operators were something I missed ever since I discovered Lua, though. I'm glad they made it in. I think that's my favorite feature of 5.3.

If I were going to beg for another new feature/change, it'd be for metamethods to be honored in more cases, and an "is callable" and "is indexable" function. But I'm still pretty satisfied with Lua as it is now. Kudos to the authors for such a lean, flexible piece of kit.

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