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On 8 December 2014 at 13:10, Tuom Larsen <> wrote:
> Dear Lua developers!
> I have to immediately apologize for bringing up this topic again.
> However, the introduction of integer type made me curious whether
> there was any change in your stance on other features as well. After
> all, I can imagine if someone proposed integers few years ago it would
> be rejected in the name of simplicity [1].
> [1] "Lua has no integer type, as it does not need it."

It wasn't that much that their stance has changed; the world has
changed instead since PiL 1st edition with regard to integers. Lua
5.0, back in 2003 in a world ruled by 32-bit machines, did not need a
separate integer type. Lua 5.3 in this 64-bit world of 2014, does.

-- Hisham