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On 9 October 2014 14:02, Ryan Pusztai <> wrote:
> I am going to admit my ignorance and give you a hardy "thank you" for a
> great idea. I thought LuaRocks was hosted on SourceForge and went there
> yesterday and did not find the code hosted there and so I gave up. I didn't
> even think of looking at the most likely place... GitHub. Please don't laugh
> at me too hard. ;)
> Thanks and my script is switching to using that.
> But I am still hopeful for a stable because all the
> documentation is there.

Yes, I'd also like to have a more stable — thanks for
those who offered to help!

The difficulty now is that the website is running on a cheap VPS with
an old version of Sputnik on top of Xavante+Apache (which occasionally
has memory spikes which I was never able to diagnose; don't know if
caused by Sputnik or Xavante — I just hacked a watchdog to restart it)
using a custom markup module that I wrote for it long ago that mimics
the MediaWiki syntax.

So the whole setup now is pretty flaky, and I'd like to migrate the
site to something else. MediaWiki is a pain to maintain so I'm ruling
that out (even if a good soul offers to maintain it now, keeping it
running is hell in case the maintainer goes away). Converting it into
something simpler would be nice, but I'd like to keep the wiki aspect
of the site (many people have given major contributions to the website
documentation, including entire new doc files).

I'll try to dump all pages from Sputnik into a more manageable format
and put it up on Github so we can have a starting point. (Keeping edit
history is extra work and I don't think it's worth it — lots of spam
reverts, etc.)

-- Hisham