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> Tim Hill wrote
> > I’m not sure I saw any good arguments for removal; the testing one is
> > probably the closest but the very nature of these functions makes them
> > very easy to test automatically, and presumably these tests were already
> > in place. The only official argument I saw was that since C99 has lots of
> > new functions, and they were not going to be supported, the hyperbolics
> > should also be removed, which didn’t seem very logical to me.
> Keeping an API as focused, lean, and simple as possible is incredibly
> important if you care about good and long-lasting API design. Lua has
> traditionally been very good at this, and changes like this are exactly why.
> Lua 5.3's math library has more focus and less redundancy than previous Lua
> versions.
> The core math library's goal isn't and shouldn't be to cover all use cases
> of math in programming, or to cover the specific use cases of a vocal
> minority.

+1 :)

(In other words, the main reason for removing those functions were not
to gain 500 bytes, but to increase conceptual integrity.)

-- Roberto