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Yes, but some people want to remove break keyword as goto exists now, I hope it won't happen :-).

Nobody does, this would be a redicolous breakage of existing code base just because.

There are 2 things you might have misunderstood:
* Dirk wanted to allow an implicit "goto break;" just for consistence with the other implicit labels. I don't see it necessary, I don't see it bad either. "break" is in fact just a "goto to right after the loop".
* This is actually a bit of irony been pointed out. refusal of continue as keyword, since we're told there is goto and you can put a label right before the end, but break is in there, which is just the same. Yes its a bit of irony, yet it will be repeated in places when it fits the argument. Thats about it. When goto might have been there since the beginning, maybe break as explicit keyword might have never been there. but even Lua can't avoid historical growth and explanations to why things are the way they are.