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Sometimes I consider it redicolous with what kind of stretched non-logical arguments this list likes to rip apart even the simplest ideas. A modern programming language? Nah seems more the center of conservatism.

> Every Lua release break existing programs so I don't think this is a good argument.

This doesn't make a breaking change in any way more sensible than a non breaking one. Yes, the willingness to break has kept Lua less combersome than other languages than never dared to. Nevertheless a patch that does not break existing programs is always a good feature.

> I don't know any other language that use goto continue or goto break to control the loop, it's just a bloody idea.

I don't know of any other modern langauge that thought it was a hell smart idea to reintroduce goto while refusing the 'continue' keyword. Anyway Roberto&Luiz have spoken, its their langauge so its there. So why not make the best of it? We we're told to stop asking for the "continue" statement, since with goto as a more general concept you can emulate it. Okay, so please just make it a little less combersome. An implicit "continue" label is not much to ask for. 

Also code wise, if I see "goto {something}" I am going to be looking for a {something} label.

And if you find it than you're done. If you don't you might look up the manual.