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2014-07-03 10:16 GMT+02:00 David Demelier <>:
> Le 03/07/2014 10:07, Axel Kittenberger a écrit :
>> I don't know of any other modern langauge that thought it was a hell smart
>> idea to reintroduce goto while refusing the 'continue' keyword. Anyway
>> Roberto&Luiz have spoken, its their langauge so its there. So why not make
>> the best of it? We we're told to stop asking for the "continue" statement,
>> since with goto as a more general concept you can emulate it. Okay, so
>> please just make it a little less combersome. An implicit "continue" label
>> is not much to ask for.
> Personally, if I must use goto break and goto continue in the next Lua
> releases, I'll switch to Javascript.