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In my personal opinion, writing Lua modules too close C level --- is
just like handycapping Lua developers who are going to use Your
module(s). If developer wanted as low as C level --- he/she would have
chosen C instead of Lua. So, basically, Lua tools, ideas and paradigms
for writing Lua modules. C tools, ideas and paradigms for writing C

On 6/19/14, Ico Doornekamp <> wrote:
> * On 2014-06-19 19:53:35 +0200, William Ahern wrote:
>> > This is true, and appears to save the binder writing documentation
>> > for the idiomatic Lua API.  It makes sense to the binder, because
>> > they're fluent in C and can read any tutorials for the C API.  But
>> > it poses a problem to a more casual user, who may not know C.  So
>> > it's worth going the extra mile; and the thread (of course Coda!) is
>> > about doing the extra idiomatic layer in _addition_.  Depends
>> > totally on the intended audience of course.
>> And the C API! A good C API is modular and consistent, and ideally
>> eschews things like callbacks
> It's especially challenging to create bindings for C libraries which
> perform callbacks from the context of some internal hidden thread.
> Unfortunately people still make this kind of API's.
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