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  Hi Wendell,

> I have had no problems on Windows. Are you interested in reports for old
> releases? The newest version I have working on Linux is v3.1.

  Hoh, no thanks. That's a very old version. Many, many things were fixed
and improved since that version.

> The questions I have about this are:
> 1. Is it necessary to require recent versions of libc?

  The libc association is done by the compiler in link time. I don't have
control over that. As I explained the pre-compiled binaries are assumed to
be used in the same Ubuntu they were built. So these conflicts should never

> 2. Is it necessary to require libraries version =n rather than >=n?

  Sorry, don't understand that question. In which context?

> 3. Is it necessary to have IUP find libraries only through

  No. That's not the only way. Take a look at this page:

  There is a guide also for installing and using the pre-compiled binaries.
  You can install the IUP libraries on the system so they will be found
without having to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. This is also true for any library
your application depends on.