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On 05/05/2014 12:01 AM, Mike Nelson wrote:
On 5/4/2014 3:20 AM, Thomas Jericke wrote:

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From: "Mike Nelson" <>
To: "Lua mailing list" <>
Date: 04-05-2014 01:22
Subject: Re: number, math, and metatable? [RANT]

On 5/3/2014 11:31 AM, Tim Hill wrote:

On May 3, 2014, at 2:38 AM, Thomas Jericke <> wrote:

local limtied = max(min(input, 1000), 100))
local limtied = input : min(1000) : max(100)

Well, I for one would consider that a Con argument, not a Pro. I think most developers regardless of background could read the first example easily. The second would involve considerably more thought. So why is the second form better?


Tim, Tim,

You just don't get it--Thomas is trying to turn Lua into Smalltalk, I've tried to turn Lua into Ruby (mostly off list, missed so many opportunities to pester the list!), other individuals have tried to turn Lua into Python, Lisp, Haskell, etc. I may have overlooked some examples.

I don't want to turn Lua into anything, I haven't even made a "[proposal]" yet.
I don't even know Smalltalk BTW, but I have some bad news for you,
local limited = input : min(1000) : max(100) is absolutely legal Lua code (consider input to be a table with functions min and max as fields).

    I was really angry about the trend in general in recent posts, but I shouldn't have singled you out and attributed motivations to you which were not apparent in your writing. I sincerely apologize.

-- Mike

No problem Mike, I see no problem in speaking bluntly while making an argument. What I don't like, is if you put words in my mouth I never said.

You have to know that I don't use vanilla Lua. I can't. There are a few things that make it necessary for me to use a
modified version of Lua. That said, I am very interested in ideas and other patches of Lua that will _never_ make it into vanilla Lua. If there is a good idea about a potential patch of Lua and I could use it for my own version, I like to know it, and I would search for this ideas right here in this list.

It has been said before lately, it is actually one of the big strengths of Lua that you can modify it so easily.