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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:

To assist the team, here are the functions ready-coded in C89.
These versions have been in use (by me only, AFAIK, although
they are on my GitHub site in a package that I have not advertised)
for more than a year.

If those definitions are good enough, they can easily be implemented
in Lua itself by those that need them.

Down this way lies madness. I feel strongly that the standard math functions that already exist in mathlib should stay there - with the possible exception of pow() because now there is ^

Having everyone define their own deg() rad() .... etc leaves the question of will they do it right, will there be accidental pollution of namespace etc.

mathlib has always had a set of standard functions, and I don't believe that the code space is much of an issue except on extremely embedded systems, and there the integrator has the opportunity to remove certain functions. I have done this myself.

If we're arguing "Why not add asinh() etc and any shiny new C library functions" then I would counter with - put them in xmathlib or some new extended math library that is built as an option for those that need it.

I think a small number of programmers will be surprised if basic functions that used to be available in mathlib disappeared.

Thinking about this a bit more, I even checked back to make sure Roberto's original email was not dated April 1 :-)

So my vote is leave it alone.