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Nils Nordman <nino <at>> writes:

You might as well ask what Howl brings compared to
> Vim/Emacs/Other-editor-of-choice.
> The answer would be different for all of course. I created Howl since I 
> satisfied with any of the existing alternatives out there (as is usually 
> case for starting something new I imagine). My end vision for Howl is to
> have something with the power of Emacs and the speed of Vim (with similar
> aestethics), that offers an easy to use API that you can use to extend it 
> way you want. That's a tall order of course, and it's certainly not there 

> Nils

Hi Nils, this is very exciting and interesting. as Howl depends on gtk, does 
it run on terminal? - there might be some use case for that.