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> On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 3:27 PM, Roberto Ierusalimschy
> <roberto <at>> wrote:
> > It did not hit a sweet spot. It was born there. (I do not think it would
> > have much momentum if not for that reason.)

hi, regarding go, let me add some flame from a non-professional programmer 
perspective (where it hits a sweet spot):

my level of C is only college course level (never really programed in it 
after college course), and my goto-tools are: 
    python, ruby, lua and R. 

Working on tons of research projects, sometimes I'll need to 'aggregate' my 
data, or extract data from different data source. For this, I can use anyone 
in the list; but it turns out ruby's Find.find is 'coded in C', and runs 
faster than in the other 3 by maybe 5 fold at least, with the least memory 
    it scans gigs of data files in several minutes (ruby version).

OK, here's go - honest, I don't know how much work it takes to program it in 
C, but in go, all I need is filepath.Walk (only googleing and find some 
source code):
    ... and scans through gigs of files in about or less than a minute (go 

I think lua version might work better than ruby's, but you know, I have to 
dig out lfs, figure out why it didn't work out of box when I installed from 
luarocks on windows ... after finally getting it to work ... a full screen 
of error message stopped me from further exploring this functionality in lua 

... So from an end user's perspective, 'the worse is better' - actually, it 
is better.