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On 16/03/2014 4:06 PM, steve donovan wrote:
However, everything has costs - that 'ruthless inlining' can really
give you fat executables, since this is the default behaviour for
templates - and in modern C++, just about everything is a template,
whether sensible (standard containers) or not (strings and iostreams).
  Again, because of templates, compile times become intense and error
messages become the stuff of legend.

Even C can give you fat executables. What with loop unrolling and the strange instruction scheduling that the optimizer generates for modern processors. The compiler I use goes out of it's way to avoid branches. Sometimes a small loop can be unrolled into a hundred instructions using load-on-condition/store-on-condition instructions. A memcpy() when the length is constant can generate 20-30 move instructions. It's a space for time trade-off.