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Dňa 4.3.2014 8:49 Gary V. Vaughan  wrote / napísal(a):
> Hi Mario,
> I don't have much experience with game development, but I know Lua extremely well, and have tech reviewed books for APress and NoStarch as well as written one of my own for Pearson. If you don't find someone more suitable, feel free to get in touch.
> Cheers,

Hi Gary,

It's expected that the reader won't have any experience with game
development or specific technologies except for Lua language of course.

By reading this book the reader should be able to understand how each
part of a game engine works. This includes: graphics, GLSL shaders,
sounds, artificial inteligence, path finding, events, networking and so on.
In the end he should be able to write his own engine, where everything
non-time-critical is written in Lua.

I expect the book will come with code samples too.

I think I could use your experience with tech reviewing and Lua language
as well. Let me know and I'll push your e-mail to the publisher. They'll
send you the details.

With regards,