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> > That would be a huge step back in interoperability. I could see it
> > breaking modules everywhere.
> Lua 5.3.0 (work1) has three possible LUA_NUMBER_FMT
> settings, depending on the floating point length, and uses
> LUA_INTEGER_FMT for integers. What does that do
> to interoperability?

For many many years people has been using Lua with alternative numeric
types (mainly long, sometimes float). With Lua 5.3, at one hand
it is even easier to change the standard numeric type, but on the other
hand the differences are not that big. (Compare the interoperability
between standard Lua code and code where all numbers are integers, versus
the interoperability between code that uses floats with code that uses

That said, we intend official Lua to use doubles and 64-bit integers.
"Small Lua" (32-bit numbers) should be reserved for restricted devices,
where interoperability is harder anyway.

-- Roberto