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> I did them all at once. I will do some digging in git, but I can tell
> you that Penlight was one of them. (I've submitted a pull request,
> although patching for a "work 1" release is probably stretching
> things)

In my oppinion, several changes to adapt code to Lua 5.3 could be
considered improvements even without thinking about Lua 5.3 (e.g.,
string.formating numbers with a proper numeric format instead of "%s",
using "1.0" instead of "1" when dealing with floating-point
computations, avoiding implicit coercions). But that is much about taste.

> I will also assume that you are not interested in the libraries which
> failed due to explicit version checks. Ex: "if not lua5.2 then --do
> old behavior" There were maybe 10 or so of those.

Not at all.

-- Roberto