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On 26 February 2014 16:55, Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
> Hi, list!
> As you all know, the place and date for this year's Workshop are not
> yet officially announced and confirmed. However, this does not mean
> that we can't start a discussion regarding the program yet.
> If you've got a topic in mind that you want to hear about on the
> Workshop, or what you want to tell the community about — do share it
> here! :-)

Another thread just made me take a first look at Nyanga and it got me
thinking... Since we're talking wishlist here, what I would like to
see in the next Workshop is a track on other languages that compile to
Lua: MoonScript, Nyanga, Typed Lua, Metalua language extensions,
LuaJIT Language Toolkit.

That would be serious fun! (And as a bonus, we could throw all our
language-design wishes on these guys instead of Roberto for once ;-D
Imagine all the wonderful bikeshed discussions in the afterparty!)

-- Hisham
who, after going through the severe pain of handling 64-bit ints in a
pure-Lua project (protobuf!), is just delighted that 5.3 is going to
have native 64-bit ints and expects nothing else from the next
revision of the language, really! (And I ignored this 64-bit issue for
years... Amazing how something suddenly becomes super important once
you finally need it. ;) )