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On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 4:10 PM, Florian Nücke <> wrote:

Thanks! Looks and sounds interesting, and like what I wanted! Unfortunately, I don't have much time now to try if it works for me (my original usecase already found a walkaround), but hopefully one day...

As to the limitations, I get them. I think it might be nice if the freezer script warned explicitly that such a case occurred (e.g. for mentioned file handles) - or maybe it already does? - but anyway for quick testing scripts one can live even without that.

Other feature I'd very much like in such a "freezer" would be if it allowed to dump Lua code from the images. Sounds not that hard on first thought, given that for basic usage I think source code might be extractable from debugging info, but that would probably again require some investigation (unless it is also already handled by Eris/Pluto?).

Thanks for the replies!