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Am 27.02.2014 14:32 schröbte steve donovan:
On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 3:16 PM, Philipp Janda <> wrote:
Am 27.02.2014 13:33 schröbte Wouter Scherphof:
If you want to reimplement the GoF patterns in Lua you probably need most of
the OO features that C++ provides. I don't know how reasonable that is.

I think their original background was Smalltalk, which is a very
dynamic language.

IIRC, the implementations were done in C++. It has been a few years, though, since I last looked at that book.

There is this common idea that 'patterns compensate
for language limitations' but this seems unnecessarily harsh.

I've heard that before (from a Lisp guy, surprise!). I think it was Paul Graham (see here[1]).

They are a way of looking at components of a *design* at a
higher-level. It's a lot easier to do these things in Lua, but they
are still useful tools for thinking.

Would be interesting doing a wiki page and systematically going
through the patterns:

A quick look indicates that only a few are specific to classic
statically-typed languages.

steve d.