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> Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 17:53:09 +0200
> From: steve donovan <>
> Subject: Re: Proposed name change: 'Grunt' > 'Winsh.lua'
> On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 4:54 PM, Andrew Starks <>
> wrote:
> > Your project sounds very needed. If you're not into powershell and
> > don't feel like importing unix into windows, scripting is burtal in
> > the windows world.
> LuaCOM is a fantastic module (1), very useful on Windows since so much
> of the machinery exposes COM interfaces - in fact, it's far to say that
> most of Windows client-facing functionality is accessible that way.
> LuaInterface allows for interfacing with .NET - in particular, you can
> use Winforms (2) in a very straightforward fashion to put a GUI
> interface on a script.
My main motivation with Grunt was to have something that would reliably run off a USB stick on any Windows computer from XP onward without leaving a footprint. The bane of all the other systems I've come across is dependencies: either they need to be installed on the target computer or they tend to fall over because the target computer has not got something (like .NET or the MFC runtimes for example) installed.
> Powershell is a great concept (make shell pipes transport self-
> describing objects), pity about the implementation  I can't take a
> shell seriously that's so slow to run a two-liner.
> Windows-empowered Lua is a much better option! (3)
Powershell was a huge disappointment for me - a ridiculous learning curve and as you say, very poor performance. Also I do not get why we either have to have a totally hair-shirt command-line interface or a totally dumbed-down non-programmable GUI. I've gone for a very simple GUI interface so we can have proper file browsing dialogs and fully definable menus (as well as proper hyperlinked documentation).

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