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On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 4:54 PM, Andrew Starks <> wrote:
> Your project sounds very needed. If you're not into powershell and don't
> feel like importing unix into windows, scripting is burtal in the windows
> world.

LuaCOM is a fantastic module (1), very useful on Windows since so much
of the machinery exposes COM interfaces - in fact, it's far to say
that most of Windows client-facing functionality is accessible that
way.  LuaInterface allows for interfacing with .NET - in particular,
you can use Winforms (2) in a very straightforward fashion to put a
GUI interface on a script.

Powershell is a great concept (make shell pipes transport
self-describing objects), pity about the implementation  I can't take
a shell seriously that's so slow to run a two-liner.
Windows-empowered Lua is a much better option! (3)

steve d.

(1) a bit elderly, but LuaDist now tracks David Manura's updated version.
(2) Yes, so yesterday.  But it still works and works without fuss.
Windows has always been a museum of Discarded Enthusiasms.
(3) obligatory self-plug: lake.exe makes a nice all-in-one Lua
scripting tool for Windows, comes with LuaFileSystem, winapi and
support libraries for about 344Kb