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I finally got my five-year-old code base for 'Grunt', an advanced Windows
runtime using Lua for shell scripting, ready for a proper public launch:

But in the meantime, someone else has grabbed my name:

This is probably a coincidence, but the purpose of the two systems is much
too close for comfort, so I am probably going to have to change the name.

My current thinking is 'Winsh.lua'. Before I jump in with this, I wanted to
run it past the community to see if it is likely to cause any confusion or
irritation. Or if anyone has a better suggestion.

Briefly, my system has two USPs:

1. The ability to package Lua scripts and libraries as resources in a copy
of the runtime executable to make single-file applications. (Also supports
folder-based application packaging similar to OSX.)

2. In-depth libraries for the Windows Shell API including Task Automation
and Scheduling with clipboard automation and keystroke simulation, full
access to the Shell Object (Explorer) and Registry hierarchies, and
notification icon menus.

Any comments or ideas?

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