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Ummm... does it also remove the line numbers stating where function
definitions start and stop?

Oh, it does keep those. So, you're right, stripping does not solve the
problem at hand. Perhaps these two line numbers should move to debug
info? (But this will make you unhappy, I gather.)


We monitor all our production systems for Lua errors that are thrown. But, as we often strip debug info from deployed scripts, stack tracebacks can (obviously) become a bit cryptic sometimes...

Here's an actual (simple) example:

	?:0: attempt to concatenate a nil value
	stack traceback:
		?: in function <?:262>
		?: in function 'sfun'

So, the "function line numbers" that aren't currently stripped, help us makes sense of what goes wrong where.

In my example I know that the nil value was misused in a function that starts on line 262. Admittedly, still fuzzy, but considerably more useful than not having the 262 at all!