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I'm sorry, there was a type:

    n = 100
    ans = sum(map(function(x) return x^2 end, take(n, tabulate(math.sin))))  -- was sin(x)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 11:05 AM -08:00 from :
> > sum(map(function(x) return x^2 end, take(n, tabulate(math.sin(x)))))
> Wow, LuaJIT translates that to one loop?  amazing!  Does it implement
> stream fusion?

The magic is done by the tracing compiler [1]. LuaJIT can trace entire loops
and optimize them wholly, instead of optimizing single functions.
The compiler unrolls compositions of functions, eliminates high-order functions
replaces recursions with loops and makes other sophisticated optimizations.

I have never seen such powerful JIT in any language. Seriously.
I think Mike Pall can provide more details.

The source code is fully compatibly with Lua 5.1. However,
this library was especially optimized to use tracing JIT at its full strength.


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