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I'm happy to announce the release of Lua Fun [1] - a high-performance functional
programming library designed for superb LuaJIT tracing just-in-time compiler.

The library provides a set of more than 50 programming primitives like `map`,
`filter`, `reduce`, `zip`, etc. to help you writing simple and efficient code.

Lua Fun takes the full advantage of the innovative tracing JIT compiler [2] to
achieve transcendental performance on functional compositions and high-order
functions. Functional expressions can be compiled into efficient asm code!

An example:

    require "fun" ()
    n = 100
    ans = sum(map(function(x) return x^2 end, take(n, tabulate(math.sin(x)))))
    -- calculate sum(sin(x)^2 for x in 0..n-1)

LuaJIT 2.0 translates code above to:

    -- some initilization code --
    394cffd0  movsd [rsp+0x8], xmm7
    394cffd6  addsd xmm4, xmm5
    394cffda  ucomisd xmm6, xmm1
    394cffde  jnb 0x394c0028        ->6
    394cffe4  addsd xmm6, xmm0
    394cffe8  addsd xmm7, xmm0
    394cffec  fld qword [rsp+0x8]
    394cfff0  fsin
    394cfff2  fstp qword [rsp]
    394cfff5  movsd xmm5, [rsp]
    394cfffa  mulsd xmm5, xmm5
    394cfffe  jmp 0x394cffd0        ->LOOP
    ---- TRACE 1 stop -> loop

Simple, Efficient and Functional.
In Lua. With JIT.

Lua Fun is fully documented [2] and tested. A Rockspec is available [3].
This is the first public release. Feedback is very welcome!


Thank you for your attention!
Have Fun!

  Roman Tsisyk <> - an efficient in-memory database and a Lua application server