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On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 7:29 AM, Petr Štetiar <> wrote:
> Andrew Starks <> [2013-10-18 19:17:03]:
>> There are two from Robert Gabriel Jakabosky that are built using his
>> luanativeobjects library. They don't appear to install using cmake or brute
>> force, however. It may have something to do with recent updates to the
>> library. **
> Yes, some small tweaks[1] are needed to make it compile. I needed to do some
> quick proof-of-concept yesterday with pipeline's PUSH/PULL sockets, so
> anything else is untested, but I plan(if time permits) to send over some pull
> request later this month with some fixes. You've been warned :)
>> I'm wondering if someone else is 3/4 of the way through a binding?
> Once confirmed, that nanomsg is usable I'll have to decide between those choices:
>         1. Write new bindings from scratch by hand
>         2. Learn Neopallium's LuaNativeObjects and get lua-nanomsg in shape
>         3. Send Neopallium some $ motivation so he can fix it himself but as I
>            didn't seen him on #lua for ages, he might be as well MIA
> I'm currently somewhere 50/50 between 1 and 3.
>> Specifically, I'm interested in 5.2 compatibility.
> I can't help with that as I'm still more than happy with 5.1.
> 1.
> -- ynezz

It turns out that I've decided to use this interest as a way of making
my first C binding. I have to finish garbage collection and
documentation. My plan is to release it, as well. It sounds like there
will be 4 nanomsg libraries! (I'm calling mine nml for, "NanoMsg for

It sounds like you'll have 5.1 covered. Mine only works in 5.2 and I
don't know if there will be much demand for it, anyway. Mostly, I'm
excited to post it and (hopefully) get some free mentoring on writing
Lua bindings as well as writing in C.