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Andrew Starks <> [2013-10-18 19:17:03]:

> There are two from Robert Gabriel Jakabosky that are built using his
> luanativeobjects library. They don't appear to install using cmake or brute
> force, however. It may have something to do with recent updates to the
> library. **

Yes, some small tweaks[1] are needed to make it compile. I needed to do some
quick proof-of-concept yesterday with pipeline's PUSH/PULL sockets, so
anything else is untested, but I plan(if time permits) to send over some pull
request later this month with some fixes. You've been warned :)

> I'm wondering if someone else is 3/4 of the way through a binding?

Once confirmed, that nanomsg is usable I'll have to decide between those choices:

	1. Write new bindings from scratch by hand

	2. Learn Neopallium's LuaNativeObjects and get lua-nanomsg in shape

	3. Send Neopallium some $ motivation so he can fix it himself but as I
           didn't seen him on #lua for ages, he might be as well MIA

I'm currently somewhere 50/50 between 1 and 3.

> Specifically, I'm interested in 5.2 compatibility.

I can't help with that as I'm still more than happy with 5.1.


-- ynezz