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Hi All,

ZeroBrane Studio is a lightweight Lua IDE with code completion, syntax
highlighting, live coding, remote debugger, code analyzer, and
integration with various Lua engines.

This release candidate caps 3 months of work and brings several large
changes and many small improvements and fixes. Most notable changes

- LuaJIT is now the default interpreter instead of Lua 5.1, Lua 5.2 is
included for all supported platforms (just select "Lua 5.2" from the
list of interpreters), and luasocket has been upgraded to v3.0. More
details are available in this post
- Package/plugin API has been extended and is powerful enough to
support Clone View
Real-time Watches
and other plugins.
- Auto-complete has been improved, including support for entering
table fields with dynamic words as discussed here:

You can get the full changelog
the documentation (,
and the link to the latest code snapshot

To run the current version, clone the repository or unzip the snapshot
to a directory of your choice on any supported platform (Windows, OSX,
and Linux) and run the IDE as ./zbstudio.exe or ./

I'd be especially interested in feedback from those running ZBS on
Win7 64bit as there are some issues that only manifest themselves on
that platform and are difficult to reproduce; I hope they have been
fixed (for example, this issue:

This will become 0.39 release if no issues are reported until
September 30, 2013. Thank you!