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2013/9/24 Jayanth Acharya <>:
> Went through 3-4 different sources to understand how to use
> LPEG. Just can't seem to cross the chasm, in beginning to
> comprehend how to use it.
> Is there a layman friendly, step-by-step tutorial explaining
> PEG and usage of LPEG ?

I wrote this:


It starts off like this:

## About beginner's notes in general

- Writing a topic up for oneself is one of the best ways of learning it.

- Once you have learnt it, you can never recapture the difficulty you
  had in understanding the original.

- I promise not to re-work these notes to elegance when I know the
  material well. I will add stuff and correct errors, though. Thanks
  to members of the Lua list for helping me here, particularly
  Pierre-Yves Gérardy (alias Pygy).

- They are mainly for my own use, especially when I need the information
  after not having worked with it for a long time. If anyone else finds
  them helpful, it is a bonus.

- They are not intended to be comprehensive, only to flatten the learning
  curve until the reader knows enough not to be daunted by the official