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On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 6:53 AM, Steven Johnson
<> wrote:
> I see a Corona SDK group on Looks pretty new, though, and
> could be iffy as far as interest in Lua proper goes. A few people DO
> appear as "on the waiting list" for a Lua group. Maybe some mobile
> development groups would turn up something?
> I looked in the Twin Cities IGDA's game developer list but didn't see
> any "Oh yeah, I know they use Lua" cases. I did no follow-up
> investigation,
> though, so who knows. Otherwise, all I can think of is that Adobe has
> that Arden Hills office, but I have no idea who does what where.

I asked and Minnesota and Seattle are where most of the Adobe Lua
people are, so you are in luck...

Based on running the London Lua group (hey, come to our next event! ), there
is some interest from Corona people in straight Lua talks, so we get
some crossover.