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> On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 10:18 AM, Pierre Chapuis <>
> wrote:

> Excellent initiative, sir!  Count me in.

Great :)

> We were trying to do
> something very similar to this with the aborted LuaForge 2 initiative.
> Since then the game has changed - it's easy to get convenient hosting
> and repos (I like github but there are others apparently ;)) so the
> idea is a human curated and ranked catalog of projects.

Yes. At some point I would like some kind of integration with
hosting (GitHub etc) and distribution (LuaRocks, LuaDist, MoonRocks).

> (You can see remants of that idea with Betrand Mansion's excellent
> design mockup used for Lua Snippets
> which was done with Sputnik by Jim Whitehead and myself)

Thanks. FYI I intend to use Lapis as the framework. That will give
me an opportunity to use it, I was looking for one [1] :)

> There are social issues:  traditionally we are all very _polite_ in
> this community, and one of the rules is: don't bash a guy's package.
> But quality control requires judgement, so that someone new can come
> in and find the recommended solution.   So if the culture could shift
> a little bit - constructive criticism is not personal or disrespectful
> - then this can really be useful.

I thought about this. Counting on something like "downvotes" is
probably not a good idea so I would like to have two "social" things
for each module: comments and a "recommend" button which would mean
"I use this and it is good".

So on each library you would have a number of users who recommend
it and it would be possible to see who they are. And conversely,
by clicking on a user, you could see all the libraries they recommend
which will make discovery easier.

If anyone has other ideas on that I am all ears :)


Pierre Chapuis