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2013/9/15 Jayanth Acharya <>:
> Based on my reading so far, Lua bytecode can be decompiled, and the only Lua
> obfuscator, which is an online service, doesn't seem to work for the simple
> 5 line Lua script I tried. It it right that obfuscation is then not a
> meaningful way to protect proprietary Lua code and thus a working tool
> doesn't exist to do so ?

You can strip the Lua source from the bytecode. The resulting bytecode can
be disassembled but not decompiled. I've seen Lua packages with strings
defined as a sequence of hex-coded bytes which are turned into functions
by loading them.

You could go further and encrypt those strings, requiring a password to

But really, if protecting proprietary code is you mission in life, Lua is
not the ideal vehicle for you.