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> Sent: zondag 15 september 2013 12:58
> To: Lua mailing list
> Subject: Is obfuscation meaningful way to protect proprietary Lua code ?
> Based on my reading so far, Lua bytecode can be decompiled, and the only
> Lua obfuscator, which is an online service, doesn't seem to work for the
> simple 5 line Lua script I tried. It it right that obfuscation is then not
> a meaningful way to protect proprietary Lua code and thus a working tool
> doesn't exist to do so ?

Well, it makes it harder to use, but not impossible.

Have a look at squish [1], it packs and minifies, and has options to also replace long names with short ones. So maybe not intended as obfuscation, it might be useful as such.


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