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On 15/09/2013 22:21, Paul Merrell wrote:
But I just checked and I do not have Far Manager identified in the
"Where Lua Is Used" web page, currently at
<> (but in
the process of moving to an Ophal page location to be announced

Apparently it's still not there.

Might you provide me with a concise description of how Lua is used
with Far Manager? I took a quick look around and it seems to be used
in plugin extensions but I don't know if that is the only use.

Lua is used with Far Manager in 2 ways: plugins and macros.
(To be precise, LuaJIT 2.0 is shipped with the product but that is not a requirement.)

The main use of Lua in Far Manager is macros. Starting from 30 Sept. 2012, Lua is used as a macro-language instead of a primitive custom language that was used in earlier versions of Far.

A "macro" in Far Manager is a user-written code that is executed whenever some event occurs (e.g. a key pressed, an editor opened/closed/saved, dialog opened/closed, etc.). Macros make possible the pretty high degree of customization.

With regards to plugins, most of them are written in C/C++/Pascal but there exist also a few plugins written in Lua.