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You can access Oracle database with Lua 5.1 + luadbi (
You will need oci.dll (Oracle client installed required) and a valid TNS inside your tnsnames.ora.
You don't need other Lua modules.
You don't need luarocks.

On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 5:51 PM, Matthew Singletary <> wrote:
Sorry for being dumb, but I am trying to make a basic script to connect to an oracle database on windows.  I have tried installing Oracle Instant Client and moved the dll under the luasql folder (next to the other database dll's , but even when I tried renaming oci.dll as oci8.dll -- no luck).

My platform: win7 (64 bit)
with Lua5.1(32 bit installed)
I have previously installed Lua for Windows and luarocks but don't know if that is messing anything up.

Thanks for your help