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2013/9/9 liam mail <>:
> On 9 September 2013 12:07, David Demelier <> wrote:
>> But it's the best supported one.
> Don't make me laugh. We are talking about C99 features and it is 2013!

Yes, and C is old and no new project is using it. Even the popular
Linux distributions and *BSD do not provide C11 features while we are
already in 2013. But C++11 is already shipped with a lot of operating
systems, why? because C++ is evolving and more and more projects are
using it.

C is painful, you can't write any portable program without requiring a
bunch of libraries or reimplementing the same thing each time. "Oh let
see how library `foo' will handle lists", "Ah library `baz' are using
they own linked lists, it will be painful to mix them". Hash map in C?

Why do you think C++ came with all of its standard library? C is dying
and it should be used only when you can't use something else (embedded
system? kernel?).

I was a very fan of C before, but I really get bored of writing or
rewriting these kind of stuff each time I switch to a new project or
create a new library. There is even no good way to build strings in C.
C is great for very low level development and suit perfectly for a
operating system kernel, but not for a new project. Then, I completely
agree that some developers don't want to spend time implementing a
standard than almost no one will use since modern C++ and other
languages have features that you won't want to reimplement in C.

Object orientation, templates, namespaces, lambdas, STL, smart
pointers... All of these things will never get me back to C :-). Also,
I really not recommend a user to do C anymore.

> Having said that they think we have been good boys and want to revert their
> previous advise of "we recommend that you consider using a different
> compiler such as Intel or gcc"[1] when they announced something about some
> C99 features coming soon, maybe on the horizon at some point.[2]

Demelier David