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2013/9/7 Rena <>:

> Lacking continue in Lua is one of those things that's always bothered and
> baffled me, especially as it has break already. You can use goto, but what's
> easier to read, a statement that means "advance to the next iteration of the
> loop" in several languages, or a goto, where you have to seek down to the
> end of the loop to find the target, which then takes you back to the
> beginning?

Actually 'continue' means "advance to the next iteration of the innermost
loop" in those languages, and users of those languages have no way
to say "advance to the next iteration of the next-level containing loop".
Lua 5.2 users have all the options, incuding the habitual use 'continue'
or 'continue_K' for a label at the end of a loop.