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On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 7:08 PM, Hisham <> wrote:
> Not sure about how to deal with the deprecated stuff. Maybe a
> compat52.strict module is really a good idea. :)

First, congrats on a library that matches an important need.

With Penlight, I was mostly only trying to solve Penlight's portability issues:

And in fact, new version on master can run with Lua 5.2 with the
deprecated stuff switched off.

The deprecated stuff is a fact of life.  I think the Lua authors
intention was to leave the old API around and finally take them out in
5.3. But Miles informs us that Debian is packaging a 'pure' Lua 5.2

As for C extensions, a little C header + file could do 90% of the
portabilty issues, and would be a useful thing to have around.

steve d.