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While writing some code targeting both Lua 5.1 and 5.2, I decided to
do it in a more natural Lua-5.2 style and provide
wrappers/replacements for Lua 5.1 functions to reduce API mismatches.
The result of this was a tiny module which I took the liberty of
calling "Compat-5.2" (as a nod to the venerable Compat-5.1, a module
that provided Lua-5.1-style APIs for Lua 5.0).

Here is the first release, aptly numbered version 0.1:

Also available in LuaRocks (of course). Just type:

luarocks install compat52

This is a Lua-only module (though it uses bit32 rock as a dependency
to provide the bit32 API for Lua 5.1); it is *not* a library covering
the differences between the C APIs of 5.1 and 5.2. More information
(what's implemented, what is not) in the README at the bottom of the
Github page:

Feedback, contributions, pull requests and criticism are welcome!

-- Hisham