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Am 03.09.2013 22:09 schröbte Hisham:


Feedback, contributions, pull requests and criticism are welcome!

1) You do:

local unavailable = function() error("compat52: Do not use this function. It is incompatible with Lua 5.2") end

    setfenv = unavailable
    getfenv = unavailable

This breaks code like

    if setfenv then
      setfenv( chunk, env )

which, I think, is a common idiom for code targeted at both Lua 5.1 and 5.2. See e.g. here[1] ...


(It also breaks my preferred idiom (`if _VERSION == "Lua 5.1" ...`), but since I cache all my globals I can just load my modules before require'ing compat52.)

How about a warning on stderr that you can disable via an environment variable instead of the error?

2) `table.unpack` is still available as a global `unpack` in Lua 5.2 if `LUA_COMPAT_UNPACK` is defined.

-- Hisham