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On 19/07/2013 23.23, petah wrote:
On Fri, 19 Jul 2013 16:33:59 -0400
Daurnimator <> wrote:
On 19 July 2013 16:17, petah <> wrote:
Maybe split it into Lua-users and Lua-dev (or Lua-sterile-debates :). Feel free to debate my opinion to death -- you'll just be making my point :)

This has come up a couple of times before, have a search for the
(multiple) threads with subject "Lua Tutor List"
It gets brought up again every 6 months or so, always with the answer
being a no.

Signal/noise has gotten much worse over the last 6 months.

F.ex. the thread "new empty value/type in Lua" and its offshoot "Empty? No. Array? No. Has? Yes" have 234 posts. "[ANN] Lua 5.3.0 (work1) now available" + offshoot "Lua 5.3 work1 Considering math.isinteger or type()" stand at 237 posts (so far), with some admittedly good points, but the recent benchmark thread takes 30 posts to come full-circle and conclude: "it's rubbish".

What's the posts/thread or posts/day ceiling before exodus? 500? 1000? NaN?

Maybe there's another solution, f.ex. "detecting Lua integer vs number" would deserve an entry in a feature request web page -> duly noted -> moving on. All I know is the current situation is untenable.

-- p

Sorry, but I don't agree. Although the traffic increase in the last 1-2 years has greatly increased, the signal/noise ratio is IMO quite low and overall easily manageable, as some other posters have said, using any modern mail client.

One of lua-l benefits over other lists has always been (IMO) the extreme friendliness of its "denizens", even with extreme newbies.

I find it a very good thing that lua-l is a place where even a kid needing help with his script for customizing World of Warcraft, gets a kind word and a suggestion even from seasoned programmers. That's way more educative than him burning his brain out on Facebook for the whole day (IMO)!

Moreover, despite occasional trolling or flamewars, this list has always had good antibodies against "unsocial" behaviour. If one needs pure, dry, no-frills, technical details there is stackoverflow, I think.

I would never want to see lua-l going to the point where discussions arise on whether is appropriate to waste bandwidth with salutations or closing of messages (I saw those on SO!!!).

BTW, sometimes the line between a "sterile-debate" and brainstorming is thin :-)


-- Lorenzo

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