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> On 26.05.2013 05:43, Tim Mensch wrote:

> There are many ZeroRPC implementations already - Go, Python, Node.js.
> Pierre 'catwell' Chapuis was started Lua implementation few months ago,
> but I can not find the repo now.
> Unfortunately, the dotCloud web broker is written in Node.js, but I
> suppose that it would not be hard a much lighter Lua implementation to
> be composed by the components already present around.

Oops. I thought nobody cared so I moved it there:

Note that it is a very basic proof of concept implementation that
doesn't support important parts of the ZeroRPC protocol such as
heartbeat. If you look at the NodeJS or Python implementation
you can see how complex a full fledged implementation can be.

If someone is interested in continuing work on this, just tell me and
I will make it a separate repository again (and give you commit

Pierre Chapuis