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On 26.05.2013 05:43, Tim Mensch wrote:
2) Switch to Mongrel2/Tir from OpenResty, though it's not clear to me
that Tir support for WebSockets is first class yet. Documentation is
nonexistent, as far as I can tell, and support for existing JavaScript
libraries is an unknown.

Just for the records: Something similar to the Mongrel2 idea - Service providers connected by ZeroMQ to a web gateway:

The underlying protocol is ZeroRPC [*] for the providers and for with the browser. Also implements authentication. I like this concept very much, because you are free to restart and scale the actual providers and implement them in whatever have ZeroRPC lib.

There are many ZeroRPC implementations already - Go, Python, Node.js.

Pierre 'catwell' Chapuis was started Lua implementation few months ago, but I can not find the repo now.

Unfortunately, the dotCloud web broker is written in Node.js, but I suppose that it would not be hard a much lighter Lua implementation to be composed by the components already present around.

[*] ZeroRPC: Streaming capable, language agnostic RPC protocol. Based on ZeroMQ and MessagePack, developed and used in production by dotCloud.