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On 18/05/2013 22.04, Paul K wrote:
Hi Lorenzo,

unfortunately I have no bash nor any kind of *NIX environment available (I just double checked and realized I typed TDM-mingw instead of TDM-GCC - my bad, sorry for the misunderstanding).

Right; I assumed you have mingw that usually comes with bash and
similar tools that run on Windows. You actually don't need to have
that as you can download and unzip sources manually and then just run
gcc commands you see in the shell script.

BTW, is zerobranestudio distributed in binary form?

Yes, you can get Windows binaries here:
(luasocket is in clibs/ subfolder).

If it is, maybe I may try to reuse the included dll

You should be able to. I've tried with various lua environments on
windows and it worked without problems. The dlls are compiled against


It works, at least with the following basic test, thanks!!!

local socket = require 'socket'
print( socket._VERSION )

local http = require("socket.http")

Just one quirk: socket._VERSION returns 2.0.2 instead of 2.0.3.
A typo in the source?

-- Lorenzo