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On 18/05/2013 20.21, Lorenzo Donati wrote:
On 18/05/2013 20.03, Paul K wrote:
Hi Lorenzo,

I just updated build scripts for our project (ZeroBraneStudio) to use
luasocket 2.0.3 as some of the users pointed that 2.0.2 archive is
gone from luaforge (this is what the scripts were using previously).

You can use the build script available here:

Just run: "bash ./ lua luasocket" and the script will
build lua and luasocket (using mingw) and put the dlls in
deps/lib/lua/5.1 folder. It also installs the dlls to ../bin/ folder,
but you can comment that out (around line 175).

I tested building and using luasocket 2.0.3 without issues so far...


Thank you very much for the prompt and kind reply, unfortunately I have
no bash nor any kind of *NIX environment available (I just double
checked and realized I typed TDM-mingw instead of TDM-GCC - my bad,
sorry for the misunderstanding).

Anyway I still don't know how to get the 2.0.3 sources (there is no
branch or tag marked as such on Diego's github repo).


-- Lorenzo

Sorry for replying to myself.

I gave a look at the script you pointed me to and, although my knowledge of bash scripting is poor (to say the least), I see that the script has an URL for fetching luasocket sources. I'll try that URL and see if I can download the source manually.

BTW, is zerobranestudio distributed in binary form? If it is, maybe I may try to reuse the included dll (I know that it may be incompatible with my Lua interpreter's binary, but it is worth trying - I *really* lack time to dedicate to this (now) hobby of mine - sigh!).

Thanks again!


-- Lorenzo