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Hi all!

I was going to do some toy experimentation with TCP/UDP+Lua and AFAIK the right (most common?) library to use seems to be luasocket, according to what I've understood from past posts in the list.

BTW, my main goal is to have an easy to use library to work with TCP/UDP (I still have to learn about net programming and sockets, thus the emphasis on the ease of usage), if there are better alternatives (easier to use) to luasocket they are welcome.

I need either a binary for WinXP 32 bit (preferably) or a source distro that can be compiled on WinXP with TDM-mingw (4.5.2 if that matters) without other tools (just makefiles) for use with Lua 5.1.5.

Anyway, the WIKI pointed me to Diego Nehab's site [1] and from there I tried to follow the link [2] but got lost ([2] refers back to [1] for latest sources or to a 404 page for archived releases!) and didn't succeed in downloading the sources (albeit I would prefer a binary if it is available). I also try to Google for the mentioned Danilo Tuler's binaries mentioned in [1], but to no avail.

I also discovered Diego's repositories on github [3],
but master branch seems empty, and the cvs-diego only lists luasocket 2.0.1, whereas [1] mentions a 2.0.2 version. The unstable branch seems
to be the "Lua 5.2 branch", so it wouldn't be good for me.

Any help or pointer is appreciated!


-- Lorenzo