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It can't be more portable than the language it's implemented in.
True, but it would be possible to write Lua interpreters in other languages to overcome this limitation.
Additionally, there are places you can use C where using Lua would be
very difficult, such as memory-starved microcontrollers or anything
requiring real-time.
Actually we use Lua in a real-time environment. In general you need to control the GC, which is possible in the new versions (>=5.1). The only critical thing is, that you must be able to run at least one/any GC step in your RT cycle. Also you must be able to run the GC for long enough in general, otherwise your memory wont last long ;-)

It may not work on real time systems with very limited CPU and RAM but it is possible to intergrate Lua in RT systems.

Of course it would help if a GC step was more deterministic in the run time it needs. But I am quite happy as it is at the moment.